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Garage doors can be comprised of steel, fiberglass, wood or may even be combined in the selection of their materials. These doors can further entail different instances of motors, which are unique to the specifications of a door. There is a reason why our services are sought not just in this town, but different parts of the state. Integrity guides us and skill drives us. Our licensed technicians at Greenpoint Garage Door Repair have been trained for communicating efficiently and will comprehend your problem completely to suggest solutions.

If your house were a book, its cover would be the garage door. While only a few enter your house, many look at your garage door. If it is old-fashioned, choose an innovative design and change. There is a discount of 10% for the elderly!

Further, your new motor installation is a simplified process and it need not be complicated unnecessarily. If you hire the services of a novice, they can complicate it but our technicians are in a category of their own. We have also effectively solved problems and complications arising from the work of other amateurs. Hire us the first time and you will save yourself from trouble. We have a 98% success rate and a recent assessment by an outside professional rated us as one of the very best in the industry.

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